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City Hall

​​​​The City of Cloverport is run by a City Council form of Government consisting of a mayor and 6 council members. The City Clerk/Treasurer and Chief of Police are nonelected city officials. This model is explained in further detail in the Cloverport Code of Ordinances. 

City Council Meetings

The Cloverport City Council meets on the third (3rd) Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at Cloverport City Hall at 212 West Main Street.

Cloverport City Council meetings are open to the public and are subject to the Kentucky Open Records Act.  On the agenda for each meeting there is a section for citizen input. If you need to address the council in a more formal fashion, please contact Cloverport City Hall to request to be included on the agenda.


Boat Ramps

The City of Cloverport has two recreational boat ramps that are available to the public year-round. The "city" boat ramp is located just off the North side of West Main Street in historic downtown Cloverport. It is adjacent to the city pier and within walking distance of the Sacajawea Festival building. The "105" boat ramp is located just on the southernmost part of Cloverport on Highway 105. Patrons launch into Tar Fork. This boat ramp also includes RV(recreational vehicle) parking and campgrounds. Fees are the same for either boat ramp. The options are $5 per launch which is paid at the drop box located at the ramp, or $53 annually. Annual passes are available for purchase at Cloverport City Hall. Residents of the City of Cloverport who have purchased their city sticker do not have to pay the launch fee. However, their current city sticker must be displayed on their windshield in order to avoid citation. Whether you are interested in boating, fishing, kayaking or whatever may bring you to the Ohio River, we've got a boat ramp that will suit your hobby.

Business License

Business licenses are required by City of Cloverport pursuant to the Business Regulations section of the Cloverport Code of Ordinances and it's amendments. This pertains to all who have intent to conduct any type of business within the city limits. For full guidelines please call Cloverport City Hall at (270)788-6632.

 Current Rates: 

                           Business license   - $50 

                           Hobby license       - $25


                           Liquor/alcohol/beer sales license are $200

Campgrounds/RV Park (Seasonal)

The 105 Campgrounds/RV Park is open March 1- November 30 annually. Campsites at the RV Park can be rented by up to six (6) people per site for $20 per day. Each additionally person is $5 each,  children under the age of two (2) camp for free with an adult.

The RV Park currently has ten (10) spaces available for rent. Each site includes water and electric hookups. Electric at each site includes:

                            One (1) 50 amp/220 outlet 

                            One (1) 30 amp/120 outlet

                            Two (2) 20 amp/120 outlets

For reservations or more information please contact Cloverport City Hall. 

City Stickers 

City stickers are required by City of Cloverport pursuant to the General Provisions section of the Cloverport Code of Ordinances and it's amendments. This pertains to all who work or live within the city limits. The current rate for city stickers is $10 per motorcycle and $15 per vehicle. This rate is in effect until June 30 of each year, at which time the rates increase by $5 per motorcycle or vehicle. It is a citable offense to not comply with the city stickers ordinance. 

Community Room

Located inside Cloverport City Hall there is a Community Room that can be rented for your event. The non-refundable fee is $50. There is also a $100 deposit that is required which is refundable as long as the Community Room has been cleaned according to the guidelines provided at the time of rental. To reserve the Community Room please contact Cloverport City Hall. 


Rates per month:

Multiple Unit Housing (apartment buildings)- $415.00

Business (twice weekly  pickup)                       - $70.00

Business (three times weekly pickup)             - $120.00

Schools                                                                 - $200.00

Out of town businesses with dumpster

(three times weekly pickup)                             - $150.00

Residents in city limits                                       - $17.00

Residents outside city limits                             - $20.00

Senior discount in city limits                            - $15.00

Senior discount outside city limits                  -$18.00

Additional Totes                                                 -$2.00 each

The city is prohibited by landfill regulations from picking up and/all liquids, oil products, yard debris (including leaves and lawn clippings), tires, vehicle batteries, metal and wood. Heavy trash pickup times are set by the Cloverport City Council, this generally happens at least once per year. Special rates do apply to heavy trash pickup.

Trailer Court

The City of Cloverport has a trailer court located on the west end of town near the baseball park. Rent (in the amount of $125) for all lots in the trailer court shall be due on the first day of each month. There is a ten (10) day grace period for this payment, for EVERY day after the 10th of the month that the payment is late, there will be a $5 late charge. Deposit amount is $125.  For more information regarding lot rental, please contact Cloverport City Hall. This and all other regulations regarding the City of Cloverport trailer park is located with the City of Cloverport Code of Ordinances and it's amendments. 



Electric service for the City of Cloverport is provided by Meade County RECC. For more information please contact Meade County RECC at (270)756-5172 or visit their website. 


Natural gas service for the residents of the City of Cloverport is provided by Atmos Energy. To see if this service is available in your area please call 888-286-6700 or visit their website. 


Water for the City of Cloverport is provided by the city. For more information please contact Cloverport City Hall.

Water and Sewer Fees

Meter Service Fees - $25

Meter Deposit (Trailer Court) - $50

Reconnect Fee - $25

Reconnect Fee (Same Day) - $50

Water Tap Fee - $500

Water Tap Fee (Out of Town) - $750

Sewer Tap Fee - $300

Sewer Tap Fee (Out of Town) - $500

Additional fees will be assessed for all water or sewer connections which involve disturbance of city, state or federal roadways. 

212 West Main Street

Cloverport, KY 40111

Phone: (270) 788-6632

Fax: (270) 788-8707


M-F 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Mayor: Candy Weatherholt

City Council Members:

  • Jason Easley
  • Hal Jennings
  • Ethan Lamar
  • Jeff Pierrard
  • Danny Smiley
  • Michael Woodward

City Attorney: T.Tommy Littlepage

City Clerk/Treasurer: Marcia Finley