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About Us

Cloverport is a small river town nestled in a bend of the Ohio River with a population of 1152. It is the second largest town in Breckinridge County, a river county in the northwestern section of Kentucky. To learn more about the demographics or Special Purpose Government Entities that exist within our area please visit the Kentucky Department of Local Government

Cloverport is on the National Register of Historic places. To view this information please visit National Register of Historic Places-Cloverport. The Cloverport Historic District comprises twenty-four city blocks and covers an area of approximately seventy-seven acres. No historic town like this one would be complete without a museum. Come see ours! It's the cutest red caboose around. The Cloverport Museum is located at 410 East Houston Street, Cloverport. Admission to the museum is free. Hours are limited and seasonal. The Cloverport Museum is open every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

The Historic Tax Credit (HTC) program encourages private sector investment in the rehabilitation and re-use of historic buildings.  The federal tax credit allows program participants to claim 20 percent of eligible improvement expenses against their federal tax liability while helping to create vibrant downtowns for residents and visitors alike. For more information please contact the Kentucky Heritage Council for more tax credit information.

The City of Cloverport is also home to the Cloverport Sacajawea Festival. This is a long standing annual event that we are proud to host. The festival grounds are located at 410 West Main Street. For more information please visit the Cloverport Sacajawea Festival page or call (270)788-3160. We are also home to the Cloverport Area Lion's Club. Our lions are a small group that take an active interest in the civic, social, and moral welfare of the community. 

Our city is also home to the last independent school left in Breckinridge County and one of only 54 left in the State of Kentucky. Cloverport Independent School District encompasses William H. Natcher Elementary School, Frederick Fraize Middle School and Frederick Fraize High School. 

Welcome to our city! We welcome you to our community whether you are opening a new business, visiting one of our established businesses, or raising your family here! For more information please feel free to call us at (270) 788-6632 or email us through the "Contact Us" section. 

 Photo by: Mrs. Dee Powers